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CBD Explained

There is a lot of science behind the recent breakthroughs in CBD and cannabis. This is a journey or exploration, discovery and learning for us all. We do not pretend to be experts in the science, but we read lots of research papers and will write about and link to everything that we find interesting so that you can become better informed too. 

Medical vs Recreational CBD
There are clear differences between how and why a person might want to use CBD if their requirements are medical or recreational. Therefore, we will be investigating the current research on both recreational and medicinal CBD use.

How And Where To Buy Legal CBD Oil And Products In Malta?

There is currently no legal way to buy CBD oils and products in Malta without a medical condition and a prescription. However, some retailers flout the law and sell to consumers for recreational use.

At cbd.com.mt we believe that the legal situation will change and evolve in the coming few years. As this evolution occurs, we will report on it and offer our industry perspective and viewpoint on where the legislation is moving to and what that means for the CBD sector in Malta.

Can Malta Become The “Medical Cannabis Capital of Europe”?

The approach of the Maltese government from 2017 onwards has been one of greater interest in the medical cannabis sector. There are obviously hopes at a high level in government that medical marijuana and CBD can become a business sector of great importance. Having succeeded in boosting the economy by bringing in financial services, igaming and IIP, there is hope that a further boost and diversification can be found.

Clearly for this to happen Malta will need to move a long way at speed. The government will need to create the legislation to allow and the infrastructure to encourage growing and cultivation for medical research, further treatment with prescription and then general retail for recreational use. These steps will require thought, care and the approval of the Maltese population.